{One Little Word} Reach

I don't think I've ever done 'One Little Word' before but I'm looking for something to hang on to this year. Something that grounds me but keeps me moving forward at the same time.

As the new year ticked over I found myself adrift, a little lost about who I am and where I want to be. Life around me was moving on but I didn't feel connected to it. I was cranky at Christmas and disgruntled with New Year. I put on my semi-happy face and got on with it but you can't always fake it. You have to live life, love life....not just exist in it.

And I think that is what I have been doing. Existing but not living and it has been going on for a little while now....most of 2017 at least.

So this morning when I woke up, just as I opened my eyes, this word jumped out at me. I have never had that happen before and that's when I knew that this One Little Word was for me. I mulled over it during the day as I ran errands and got on with doing things. It hung there in m…

Books I've Read in 2016

Lots of books read to Aden added to my tally this year!

Makers Tote by Noddlehead

Noodlehead has lots of fabulous bag patterns with one of my favourite being the 241 Tote which I've made a few times.

One of her newest bags is the Makers Tote. This pattern was released at the end of November 2015 and I knew it would be perfect for my cross stitch.
I've been keeping my cross stitch in a 'green' shopping bag, that after being carted back and forwards a bit it was looking a little lot worse for wear. Actually is was so badly torn it couldn't carry anything any more so I was getting kinda desperate.

So with the holidays approaching and know I would have some sewing time up my sleeve, I looked for some fabric to use and of course got some feedback off my lovely sewing friends.

The lovely Rachel from Barefoot crafter is sewing along with me and she has chosen some lovely fabric too! I can't wait to see hers finished!

There are 2 sizes in the pattern and I made the bigger one.

Here are some progress shots

The outside pocket on which I used my …

Books I've read in 2015

I'm really pleased with the 30 books I've read this year.  A few of them are kids novels that I have read to my 6-year-old son and a couple of YA but I'm ok with that.
My pick for the year would have to be 'The Storms of War'. I always enjoy reading these personal/family reflections on the World Wars.
The book most outside of my normal comfort zone would have been 'Burial Rites'. It was nothing like I would normally read and I did quite enjoy it. Not exactly a cheerful book to read over Christmas but quite thought provoking and I have found my mind wondering for the last few weeks reflecting on the circumstances and how I would have reacted being in each of the characters places.
The worst book I read in 2015 was definitely 'Little Miracles'. It was a difficult book to get into and I really should have stopped about a quarter of the way in but I persevered and then the end....well lets just say it needed 4 more words and it would have been a muc…

Nearly there....

Reporting is done and the count down til the holidays has begun. I'm trying to lessen the stress and enjoy the experience..... I'll let you know how that goes!

{Cross Stitch} Pretty Little Paris

'Twas with a heavy heart I stitched some more of this beautiful city last night for #Saturdaynightcraftalong 
Reminiscing about our holiday there almost 2 years ago....#peaceforparis

{Snail Mail with Barefoot Crafter} Splatter Painting fun

Miss Barefoot has set down a new challenge for the next 12 months...Actually sending mail via the post! You can read about it here and join in when ever you like!

October saw her posting about a Splatter Paint note card and we couldn't resist getting out the paints and easel for a go.

The boy had fun mixing colours and experimenting with different amounts of water to get a nice splatter.

It was very messy and lots of fun!

I'm glad I set him up outside!

We turned these into cards for Teacher's Day at our while we didn't technically post them, they have been delivered.

If you want to see what Miss Barefoots splatter painting looks like and the next challenge for November check it out here.